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• No Boss
• No Selling
• 100% Turn-Key
• Investment Starts at $9K
• BEST Customer Support
• Set Your Own Hours
• We Come to YOUR Location
and Set it Up Turn-Key!

  1. • No Boss
  2. • No Selling
  3. • 100% Turn-Key
  4. • Investment Starts at $9K
  5. • BEST Customer Support
  6. • Set Your Own Hours
  7. • We Come to YOUR Location and Set it Up Turn-Key!

YOU purchase installed breathalyzers!

YOU fill the machines with straws!

YOU take out YOUR money!

YOU profit EVERY TIME someone
uses a breathalyzer test!

We Save Lives - Reflection from Inside (DUI/DWI Man In Mirror Youtube Video)

With this program, everyone wins!

You win, because you have a simple, residual cash flow.

The bar wins because they have a free machine that benefits their bar in many ways.

The community wins because it's more safe!

Patrons win because they educate themselves about BAC levels, or simply use the machine for fun.

We win because this ensures that we will do our best with your future expansion. Our success is your success!

What makes us different?
We are the only vending company offering a “you don’t pay until after
your machines are installed” policy! We also fly anywhere in the U.S. to
get you set up and you’ll see an immediate return on your investment.